The new Extension website: behind the site-building, part 2

We recently completed three days of usability testing and analysis in the University's Usability lab! Here we are settled in the Minneapolis facility with coffee and chocolate, first thing in the morning.

In today's blog post, I am going to take you behind the scenes of what we learned about the website build through watching real users navigate through it.
Footer The footer design was tweaked after user testing showed that users "mistook" it for actual content. Not that a footer isn't important! but it should read as background info, not something you include in your scan of every page when you're looking for spider content. We toned down the graphic-ness of it so that it blended in more:

Search Our search performed great at user testing. Every time a user searched and found what they were looking for, there was a celebration in the (sound-proof) observation room next door. FIST PUMPING! HIGH FIVES! But we did discover that users are no dummies; and when th…

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