Google Apps is now called G Suite. Google recently announced a new name and new branding for Google Apps. The Google applications have not changed, just the name. The University uses G Suite for Education.

This weeks blog post is about a new training resource for G Suite. It is a Chrome extension called G Suite Training that gives you in-app training so you don’t need to leave the application to learn how to do something. The extension adds a Training menu to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Groups, Google+.

  1. Sign into Chrome
  2. Open the G Suite Training extension
  3. Click Add to Chrome. A training menu appears at the top of the screen
View Lessons
Click the Training menu in any application to view relevant lessons or search to find a specific lesson.

Browse What’s New
G Suite Training will highlight features that are new to the application.

View training videos
You can view all the training videos at the G Suite Training portal

Let me know what you think about the extension! If you are looking for more Google training resources, check out the G Suite Learning Center or Lynda.

banner image: Quick Bytes Live Episode 7.

Quick Bytes Live! Podcast

Episode 7: Live at Program Conference

(recorded October 4, 2016)
This podcast is a bit different! We have a special illustrious guest, Mark Seeley, Extension Climatologist. We mostly talk to him about his WebEx experiences, but also a little about podcasting in general. We had a great live audience for this show! At the conference breakout session, we concluded the recording and then edited and uploaded the episode live. This is it, the real recording exactly as seen from start to finish live!

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photo: our podcast setup at program conference