Meet a scientist videos for curriculum project

Opportunities to get "in the field" are one of the most fun things about my job! Whether I'm observing a course taught in person before helping to translate it to an online version or working with educators to capture a visual demonstration of a concept, I LOVE the opportunity to get out on a frozen lake, step into a soil pit, or observe a course in a treatment center, elementary school, or community setting. 

Pre-COVID, I had an opportunity to tour chemistry labs and work with Extension Educators in Youth Development to explain the work of graduate student polymer scientists for youth, to support the hands-on curriculum the educators were developing in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Polymers. During our COVID-induced remote work, we had the opportunity to finalize a couple of videos I hope you'll enjoy. Utilizing a mix of interview footage, in-video animation, and b-roll I captured, as well as some from University and WeVideo stock content libraries, I hope it tells their stories and inspires some future scientists.

Do these examples inspire any ideas for your work?


  1. Great vids Alison! You did a nice job of asking all the right questions to elicit the sound bytes you needed. Makes the life and work of a scientist very relatable for youth.

    1. Thanks Ann! Anne Stevenson and her collaborator in the CSP deserve the credit for the interviewing. :-)

  2. Very nice work Alison. These are like career videos for youth. Citizen Science would be cool if the team doesn't have one yet? Each Extension program area could come up with possible career "clips". Farmers (livestock, crops, trees, etc..) agronomist, naturalist, conservationist (NRCS, SWCD) or forest consultant and more. Neat!


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