Duo Security requirement starting in November

Starting in November, the University of Minnesota will begin to require Duo Security (two-factor authentication) at the UMN sign-in page for UMN faculty, staff and students. Passwords aren’t enough anymore to safeguard yourself against cybercrime. Duo Security adds a layer of security to help protect your paycheck, financial aid, sensitive information and University systems in the event that your password is stolen. It forces you to verify if it's really you logging in.

Watch this 43-second demo of Duo Security 

When will the requirement begin?

The requirement is being phased in over the course of 12 months, beginning November 1, 2018. You will be required to enroll in Duo Security at the time of your annual UMN password reset. At the same time, the University will also begin requiring a less-complex set of password rules that enable more secure and easier to remember passphrases. Learn how to create a secure, memorable passphrase.

NOTE: If you signed up last November for Duo Security for W2 and direct deposit (view Amy's 2017 blog post), you will still need to enable Duo Security for all UMN sign-in pages. If you already enrolled a device, you do not need to enroll your device again. Just go to myaccount.umn.edu to manage your Duo settings.

More information

Visit the Duo Security at Sign-in page to get more information and answers to your questions about device options, what to do if you don’t have wifi or cell service, “remember me” feature, lost/broken/stolen/dead cell phone, hardware tokens, troubleshooting tips, self-help guides and more!

Why wait?

If you’re like me and just had your annual password change in October, there’s no need to wait a year! Enroll now to secure yourself and the U.


  1. I set up my Duo account and enrolled by smart phone a long time ago. I chose "send me a push", but when I signed out and re-signed in, I didn't get a push. Will this duo security not occur until November?

    1. Great question Julie! I signed up back then too but it was only for our W2 and direct deposit. Since you already enrolled a device for Duo Protection for W-2 and Direct Deposit, you do not need to enroll your device again. BUT you do need to check the box to sign up for all UMN sign-in pages. Here is a link to the instructions: https://it.umn.edu/duo-use-two-factor-authentication-all


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