Killer Keyboard Shortcuts

One of my favorite productivity tips is to learn some keyboard shortcuts! Here are a few of my favorites.

Toggle an active window in and out of fullscreen mode.
+  arrow key
Dock your window to the right or left part of the screen.
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + shift + Z
Redo (undo undo)
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + K
Add a link
Ctrl + F
Find on the page
Ctrl + plus
Make a browser larger, easier to read
Tab, Shift + Tab
Move forward and back in a table or form
+ L
Lock your computer
+ E
Open File Explorer
Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key
Select a block of text
Alt + Tab
Cycles through open apps
+ semicolon
Display emoji keyboard 👌

And here's a version to print and keep next to your keyboard!

If you have a favorite I missed, be sure to share it in a comment!


  1. Ctrol +K might just change my life. Thanks for the tips!!!

  2. Thanks Karen! There are a couple shortcuts in your list that are new to me and I'll definitely use (esp. window docking and ctrl-shift to select text). One of my other new favorites is Shift-Ctrl-V - in Chrome/Gmail it will "Paste as plain text". Ctrl-0 (zero) is also helpful to quickly return a web browser to 100% size.


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