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U Minnesota is an instance of Guidebook that we will be using at Extension's Program Conference. It is used at conference to share up-to-date event information and materials with you on your mobile device. In the app, you can review the conference agenda, create your own schedule, view speaker information, evaluate sessions, network with other attendees and more. Below are some tips for getting the most out of the app:

First: Download the App

Scan the QR Code

 --- OR --

Go to on your device and download the app.

Next: Install the Program Conference Event Guide

  1. Open the UMN Guidebook app
  2. Tap  Enter passphrase  (under the Block M) and enter ExtPc2017 to download and install the guide

What’s in the app?

Onsite Info and Activities: Hotel wifi information, Extension Issue Area poster info, health, wellness & networking activities, conference committee members
The Schedule: Sessions are listed for each day. Tap on a listing to get more information such as the course description, speakers and room location. Add sessions to your personal schedule.
My Schedule: Create your own agenda with sessions you want to attend during the conference. You can add a reminder when the sessions are about to start. Be sure to fill out an evaluation survey for sessions you attend.
Keynote Speakers: Find out who is presenting at the conference and read their bios.
Poster Abstracts: Read about the public value and research posters presented during the conference. Be sure to fill out an evaluation survey for the posters you want to review.
Map / Floorplan: Hotel conference area map with room information
Twitter: Share your tweets with the conference hashtag
My Notes: Use this feature to take notes during the conference. Select the Notes icon from the main screen or when you are viewing a session description, tap the “Create Note” (IOS) or the Pen/Paper icon (Android).
Conference Photo Album: Take and share pictures during the conference
Attendee Check In: Create an account and check into the conference app. You will be listed and visible to other users. Tap on a user’s name to view their profile.
Network With Colleagues: Post a comment or comment on someone else’s post.
Messaging: Send messages to other attendees. This is not SMS so you will not be charged for text messages.

Before the Conference

Build your own schedule
Review the schedule and decide which sessions you want to attend. Tap the plus sign next to the sessions you are interested in to build your own schedule. Add a reminder if you would like one.

Create an account
If you want to interact with other attendees in the app at conference, create an account and set up your profile. 
  1. Tap the icon in the top-right corner of the screen 
  2. You can set up an account with an email address or with a social media account
  3. To set up your profile, tap the account icon again and then tap the gear icon near the top-left to edit your profile.

During the Conference

  1. Connect to the hotel wifi. 
  2. Tap Attendee Check-in to let others know you are here.
  3. Tap My Schedule to view the sessions you selected to attend.
  4. Take notes, share conference photos, tweet and connect with colleagues.
  5. Evaluate breakouts and posters

How to find the evaluation form for breakouts and posters

You will find an evaluation survey at the bottom of each session description and poster abstract.

NOTE: There will also be a post-conference survey sent out via email for all other conference components and general conference feedback.


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