Quick Bytes Live! Podcast, #18


Quick Bytes Live! Podcast

Kari Robideau and her pal, IT Goldy

#18:  Remember these 7 things in your teaching webinars 

(recorded June 5, 2017)
This podcast is a special edition with an extended discussion of the criteria for good webinars, not to mention our special guest! Don't miss it! Amy, Karen, Alison, and special guest Kari Robideau (live from Moorehead, MN) go over the seven components of the Delivering High Quality Webinars "rubric." We also talk about how you could evaluate your own webinar performance. Spoiler alert, one way is watching your own webinars! Eww!
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  1. Thank you for inviting me to talk about the Extension Teaching Webinar Rubric with Karen in your podcast!! Karen says at the end, "I just hope people use it!" EXACTLY! I also hope our colleagues who are leading meetings and teaching in web-based environments find this useful for improving their practice - AND - please let us know if it is!!!

  2. Great podcast and rubric document.