How to Edit Your WebEx Recordings

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You can control the start and end times of a WebEx Meeting recording before sharing it with others. This is a nice option when you want to cut out unwanted chit chat, noise or even dead air at the beginning or end of your meeting. But for more extensive editing such as adding a title slide or editing content in the middle of the webinar, you can convert a WebEx recording to MP4 and then use video editing software (e.g. to edit, create a new recording and share it on YouTube. Instructions for both options are below.

Control the Start/End Times of a Recording

  1. Log into
  2. Click Meeting Center
  3. Click My Recorded Meetings in the left navigation. 
  4. Find the recording you want to trim. Tip: play the recording before editing to write down the start and end times you want.
  5. Click the three dots on the far right side and select Modify
  6. Under the Playback Control, select the Partial Playback option. Note: your edits do not actually delete any content. It just controls the start/end time of your recording. 
  7. Enter the Start and End times you prefer
  8. Tip: Notice the Panel Display Options in this section. You can control which panels can be displayed during playback. 
  9. Click Save 

Editing a WebEx Recording

  1. Follow the instructions to download and convert your WebEx recording to MP4 format
  2. Edit your video in or another video editing program. Learn more about WeVideo.
  3. Share it on YouTube
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