Generating WebEx Reports

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Some people have recently asked about how to find their WebEx meeting and participant data. WebEx provides a number of reports about your meetings and recordings. You can view details about who attended your meeting, how long they stayed in your meeting or see how many people have viewed your recordings. You can also export or download the data to a file to open in Excel or you can print them directly from WebEx. Since most reports are only available for 3 months, you may want to download and save your data shortly after each event.

Accessing the reports

  1. Log into and select My WebEx 
  2. Select My Reports on the left

Reports are available for All Services, Meeting Center, Event Center and Training Center. For some reports, if you select the report link within 15 minutes after the event ends, you will see a preliminary version of that report. The preliminary report provides quick access to data before the final data is available. The final report will replace the preliminary report, usually 24 hours after the event ends.

All Services Usage Report

The Usage Report shows information about all of your meetings, trainings and events. When you select the Usage Report, enter a date range up to three months prior to the current date. The report shows a breakdown of each WebEx session including the type of meeting, date and time, duration, how many participants attended and the audio report if available. Information in the report can be exported to a CSV format or a Printer-friendly Format.

Session Detail Report
When you click on a meeting title, you can see additional information such as participant name, email, start/end times, duration, etc.

Meeting Center Reports

  • For Meeting Center meeting details and attendee data, run the Usage Report.
  • The Meeting Recording Report displays a list of attendees who downloaded or viewed a meeting recording within the last 12 months. 

Training Center Reports

  • Live Training Usage Report provides you with date, time, duration and attendance information for any 3-month period within the last 12 months. You can also drill down into participant data.
  • Recorded Training Access Report shows date, time, downloads and views for your recordings

Event Center Reports

  • While most reports are available for only 3 months, the Event Recording Report provides you with information for any 3-month period within the last 12 months.
  • Attendance Report includes the start/end times, duration, number of attendees, the host name and the minutes that all attendees spent in the event. The report also includes each attendee’s username, email address, IP address, time attendee joined/left and the attendee attentiveness during the event.
  • In-Event Activity Report contains the event name, date and time, information about the number of attendees, the number of questions asked and the response rate for the questions, and the number of polls and the response rate for the polls. This report is only available for events recorded on the server. 
  • Attendee History Report contains a list of all events that an attendee has joined on your Event Center Web site.

If you have questions about WebEx, feel free to connect with me anytime or leave a comment on this post!


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