Developing Tech Skills at All Levels of Extension

A small group of 4-H Coordinators recognized that many 4-H clubs and project teams struggle to communicate with one another which creates challenges for fostering active participants. They also noticed that clubs and project teams who have been early technology adopters demonstrate effective communication strategies and outcomes. So this project focused on finding ways to bring those in the early majority adopter range up to that level.

Tech skills for program staff

We worked collaboratively with the 4-H Coordinators who brought the project forward, as well as the Center for Youth Development’s Leadership and Communications and Technology staff to ensure our work supported their policies and practices to keep youth safe, while also helping the 4-H Coordinators, youth, and adult volunteers increase their technology skills to support inclusive, active participation in clubs and projects.

The 4-H Coordinators learned to create screen capture videos and edit them with voiceover narration, and integrating branded PowerPoint slides, images, and music. They also learned to upload their videos to YouTube and edit the captions. These are all skills they will certainly use again in their Extension work. 

Tech skills for 4-Hers and volunteers

Now that the videos are complete and being promoted with a communications planning guide (also created by these ambitious 4-H Coordinators), the technology skills of 4-Hers and volunteers will also increase as they learn to effectively utilize Facebook Groups and 4-H Online to enhance club and project communication and engagement. It’s a win-win-win!

This project was selected through the Extension e-Learning Proposal Process. We work with Extension Educators, Program Staff, and Faculty who offer training or education, like the Turf and Ground Field Day, Equine Demonstrations, the Local Foods College, the Serve it Up Safely Course, and the AIS Detector Core Course. They are ready to expand their reach, make education more accessible, and/or collaborate with colleagues and community members at a distance. If this is you and you’re ready for help, contact us for a consultation or propose a project!