Quick Bytes Live! Podcast, Episode 1


Quick Bytes Live! Podcast

Episode 1: And that's how you start a podcast. 

(recorded June 10, 2016)
Karen, Amy, Alison, and Danny "The Hype Man" record the inaugural Quick Bytes Live! podcast. We talk about microphones, Google Reminders, UMU.com, and our new Tech group T.E.C.C.

Tech used:

We experimented with two different mics, the Blue Snowflake and the Jabra 410. They both sound good--we tell you when we switch so you can see what you think. I liked the Jabra just slightly better, and also it's the one we own* so that's a point in its favor (we borrowed the Snowflake from the library on campus). Alison joined us remotely and her mic was just her Apple earbuds. She sounded the best of all of us!
*and by "own" I mean I stole it from the Video Services team

We recorded using Skype and the free MP3 Skype Recorder. I "edited" it in Audacity. I just download free software off the internet and install it in my work machine. It's what I do.

Lessons learned
We need to be less enthusiastic with our table thumping. Also I plan to download some decent bumper music from AudioBlocks for the next episode (free if using a UMN internet connection!). Also, we only had a few topics and it took longer than I thought it would. Maybe just one topic per show?

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  1. Could a podcast be recorded in a 1:Button Studio or are those studios set up best for video recording and to record a podcast I should just rent a microphone to use?

  2. If a 1:button studio is handy for you, yes I think that could work! You would need to open the MP4 file as an MP3 file, something you can do in Audacity.