Changes to WebEx Audio

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To our UMN Colleagues:

We want you to be aware of a change that went into effect last weekend for University WebEx.

Starting June 11, 2016,  WebEx meetings now allow participants to join via phone. Yay! 

What does this mean for you?

When you enable it for a meeting, "WebEx Audio" offers attendees joining your WebEx the choice to use their computer microphone or the telephone.

Here is what it looks like to a participant in WebEx Meeting Center:

It looks slightly different in WebEx Training Center, but the options are the same:


WebEx Audio is funded by the University of Minnesota and your department will not be charged for telephone calls using WebEx Audio. This is a change from the previous billing method of per-minute.
Note: Due to cost control efforts, WebEx Audio is intended for meetings under 25 attendees. If you have meetings where you expect more than 25, please use computer microphone options (“VoIP”) only, or contact UMN Video Services for additional options.

How to select WebEx Audio 

Your WebEx account already has the WebEx Audio option available as of June 11. No additional account setup is required.
When scheduling a WebEx Meeting, Training or Event, the default audio option is VoIP (meaning users can ONLY call-in using their computer microphone). If you need to offer participants a telephone connection option (and your meeting is less than 25 attendees, see above), select WebEx Audio when setting up your meeting, located in a dropdown under Audio Options.

*InterCall (previously used for this functionality) will remain the University's preferred option for conference calls outside of WebEx.

Participant Information

Your participants will be prompted to join via phone or computer, if you have allowed for the WebEx Audio option. See the screenshots above for a participant view.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments, please contact the University Video Services Team, or Karen Matthes or Amy Baker.

Happy WebExing!


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