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If you've been around here a while, you know that Extension fell for the Turning Point "clickers" back in 2007, and we fell hard. We bought sets for all the regional offices, for our loaner program, even some teams had their own. Now those sets are getting a little old (but still truckin'!), and we are starting to look around to see what options we might have!

Clickers? Huh?

The advantage of clickers is that you can hand the remote control type devices out to your participants and they can give you immediate answers to polls and questions by pressing buttons. This type of technology is called "Audience Response." And not surprisingly, it is moving more and more to being web-enabled.

Karen Matthes went to a conference and was introduced to Apparently it was EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE was doing it. Well heavens knows I don't like to be left out of a trendy tech tool!! Let the Quick Byting begin!!

Above is the video doing a walk though demo of setup and use. Watch that and then come back.

Here is what a user sees on their device:

"Their device??!" I hear you say. Well Yes--many of the newer tools for audience response skip the remote control and go straight to a device (phone, tablet). This won't work for all education all the time, but it's a good tool to have in your toolbox all the same!

If you want to try it yourself, you can! 

  1. go to, ideally on your phone
  2. Enter the code 988857
  3. there's really no more to it!

Real Educator Usage!

One of our Extension Educators used this in his webinar with participants at a distance and it worked very slick. He was so excited he did it again in an internal webinar for no good reason except just to SHOW OFF. Nuthin' wrong with a little #techbrag people. I do it all the time. Total #techbraggart.

My favorite feature of which I demo in the video above, is the upvoting of questions for a speaker. This is such an awesome idea! It definitely eliminates the blowhard person who stands up and has "more of a comment than a question." Boo! You are down-voted!
What questions do you have about Is it something you will try?


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