Collaborating with Google Team Drives

Google Team Drives has recently become available as an option for sharing files and folders. With Team Drives, documents are owned by a team instead of an individual. This means that when someone leaves the group, their files remain in the Team Drive without having to transfer ownership. Our Extension Technology team has moved to Team Drives which makes finding shared documents and folders so much easier! We also no longer need to transfer document ownership to a departmental account. We all have access to create folders and manage files within our Team Drive.
Team Drives FeaturesCan be shared to Google Groups and/or users with varying levels of accessAll members of a Team Drive see the same content Files are owned by the team, not by an individualYou can add external users to a Team Drive. The external user must have a Google account and be signed into Drive.Individual files in a Team Drive can be shared with people outside of your team Differences between My Drive and Team Drives

Bite Size Tips via YouTube

This is the sixth portfolio piece from our archive! If you've missed any, you can always find them here. I hope they've helped you start thinking about the tech-supported opportunities you can dig into too. Next time, I'm looking forward to sharing a project I've been working on, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here's another project the team worked on a while back.

Leadership and Civic Engagement Bite Size Tips via YouTube

The Leadership and Civic Engagement team wanted a way to boost their online presence, build their resources for multimedia integration into curriculum, and experiment with video technologies. So their project team worked with the Extension Technology team to develop a simple, inexpensive workflow for creating “bite-sized” (one tip each) videos for YouTube. The first five videos were created using equipment that can be checked out through the Extension Technology loan program, and a new iPad app for using a green screen. The team will evaluate the project and, if it is found to be accomplishing their objectives, the team is well-equipped to keep up this process themselves. 

Have a few minutes? Check them out!

Screenshot of Leadership and Civic Engagement YouTube Video

This project was selected through the Extension e-Learning Proposal Process. We work with Extension Educators, Program Staff, and Faculty who offer training or education, like the Turf and Ground Field Day, Equine Demonstrations, the Local Foods College, the Serve it Up Safely Course, and the Master Gardener Core Course. They are ready to expand their reach, make education more accessible, and/or collaborate with colleagues and community members at a distance. If this is you and you’re ready for help, contact us for a consultation or propose a project!