Extension Technology: 2015 by the numbers

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Looking back this past month, we have reflected on what a big year our team had in 2015. 

We changed how our staff receive desktop support, upgraded all (all!) of our servers, survived and supported a massive upgrade of University enterprise systems, and hired a new academic technologist--all while keeping our usual services like registration and tech training in flight. As is our tradition on our team, we summarized our most quantifiable metrics into an infographic using Piktochart

Looking forward, Extension Technology has lots of plans for 2016. 

Some of our bigger ideas are these:

  • More engagement with Extension’s educational program teams
  • Further implementation of the UMN's non-credit registration system in Extension
  • Develop an implementation plan for Salesforce in Extension
  • Increased options for standardized hardware 
  • Increase awareness and quantity of training opportunities for all Extension staff, especially focused on newly implemented tools
  • Deliver shippable development products in a more timely and agile process
  • Improve conference room ease-of-use across Extension
  • Work to articulate and promote the value of our team 
What ideas or efforts do you think we should be prioritizing? We'd love to hear your perspective.


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