Take Moodle to the next level with lessons

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I've heard there may be a growing interest in the "lesson" resource in Moodle, but there seems to be an air of mystery around it.
I want to clear that up and help you get started!
If you'd like to provide an individualized learning experience for your online learners based on their regional location, experience levels, or checks for understanding, you may soon like Moodle’s lesson activity as much as I do! It allows for branching so you can set differentiated learning paths, strategically sequencing content and activities throughout a series of web pages. 

I’ve made a short video to explain more about its benefits, show you how to get started, and let you see how it works. 

How might you use Moodle lessons?

Read more about the options available when building a lesson with this Moodle.org tutorial.


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