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Did you know your Extension team can accept registrations with credit card payments online?

You know, I (Amy) have had a lot of jobs at the U: dishwasher, cafeteria worker, museum tour guide, dishwasher (again--the U makes lots of dishes), lab tech, junior assistant to the junior assistant scientist, etc. etc...
There are a lot of things around here I do not take for granted (ahem, clean dishes). One of those things is REGISTRATION. Cuz I've done it the old fashioned way and let me tell you, it is a lot of work, and also let me tell you, YOUR HANDWRITING IS NOT AS CLEAR AS YOU THINK IT IS.

Luckily, we have online options now that can ease any UMN Extension program's registration workload!

And just think of all the stuff that you could be taking for granted. Payment security! Emailing registrants with confirmation! Processing of deposits! Financial reconciling and reporting! You can just be like standing around thinking educator-y thoughts and all that stuff will just happen! WHAAAT!

For Online Courses

Extension's Moodle courses are not-for-credit and so can utilize the brand new University-wide non-credit registration system, Destiny One Registration System (DORS) at no charge. Have you heard of DORS already? We are still getting used to it and have been busy being trained. Check out Achieving the Extension Mission Through Volunteers, one of our first setups in this new system. I think it looks pretty nice! And learners who register/pay will automatically be zooped into the Moodle course. Like MAGIC! (Like magic that is super complicated and took five exhausting years to negotiate and setup. STILL. MAGIC. All that matters.)

One thing every Extension program using Moodle should know is that, after December 30, 2015, all Moodle courses that use paid registration will need to be using both Moodle 2.8 and DORS. We have communicated this to all the instructors of Moodle paid courses that we currently support; if this is news to you, please let us know asap!!
Lots more information on DORS can be found in the Destiny One Registration System Info and FAQs document.

For Events and Workshops

As we are transitioning to the new DORS (opening new doors, if you will) (!!!), we are using two registration systems for Extension's events/workshops. No big deal, our team will help you figure out which one meets your needs best for the time being--that's their job and they're awesome at it! See our Registration Service page for how to get started.

What questions do you have about online registration?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Amy! This is wonderful news and will make the registration process for online learning so much smoother!! (Something I also will NOT take for granted!)