Noodling Moodle at Program Conference and Online

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Join us for Noodling Moodle at Program Conference TODAY!

We'll be in the Cardinal Perch room at 1:30 p.m.

At the conference, we’ll have 60 minutes to dig into:
  • Where to start when designing an online course 
  • How to provide opportunities for hands-on, active, and interactive learning 
  • Exciting methods of content sharing 
  • Awesome ideas for interaction designed to motivate learners and increase learning 
You’ll also come away from our Program Conference session with a user-friendly checklist for great course design and peer review. 

Go deeper: Enroll in our Noodling Moodle online course!

Join a community of Extension staff learning to use Moodle more effectively for learner engagement October 12-28, 2015.  Learn from each other as well as the course content, and keep the conversation going in the Google Group.

Finish Noodling Moodle by the end of October to get premium access to Screencast-O-Matic FREE for one year!

If you participated in the preview session, thank you for sharing your questions, thoughts, experiences, and feedback!  You'll be glad to know I've added a lot of content based on the preview session I think you'll find helpful (like information on blending and flipping courses and making engaging videos).  The course is also more open and flexible so you can access what you're most interested in right away, or step through the course sequentially over time.  I even outlined a couple of different approaches (approx. 15 or 45-minute sessions) that will help you pencil the course into your schedule over a period of about 2.5 weeks.  

There's no wrong way to take the course.  But please do "show up" for it though -- contributing to wikis, forums, etc. along the way.  We can all learn more when we learn together -- ENROLL TODAY!

Please note: This isn’t a ground-up basics of Moodle course -- you can get that from central IT. Instead, this is a course that focuses on how to motivate and engage your non-credit online learners. 

Happy Moodling!


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