Access your Drive files with Google File Stream

With Google Drive File Stream, you can access all all of your Google My Drive and Team Drive files directly from your computer without having to open a browser. You can also select files to make available for offline use for when you don’t have an internet connection.

When you install Drive File Stream on your computer, it creates a drive in Windows Explorer named Google Drive File Stream. All of your My Drive and Team Drive files will appear there. You can transfer files between your computer and Drive or browse and organize your Drive files right in Windows Explorer.

The File Stream app also allows you to open files directly within applications like Microsoft Word. When you click File > Open, just browse to the Google File Stream Drive to locate your file.

If you used the old Google Drive Desktop App, you may have received a notification that it would no longer work after May 12, 2018. Google File Stream is a recommended replacement for the Google Drive Desktop App. Another option …

Virtual Field Trip to the Minnesota State Fair

Didn't make it to the fair this year or want to relive the memories? -- No problem!

Last week Amy, Karen, and I created a virtual field trip of the Minnesota State Fair to learn about 360-degree photography and its uses. We created a virtual tour for you and included a 1-minute behind the scenes video to give you an idea of just how easy it is to do.*

*We used Google's Photo Sphere app and (both are free!).

How might you use this technology in your programs?


  1. Alison I just love how this virtual tour turned out!!!! I can see educators using this for farm tours, garden tours, small town tours, county fairs--all kinds of possibilities!


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