Access your Drive files with Google File Stream

With Google Drive File Stream, you can access all all of your Google My Drive and Team Drive files directly from your computer without having to open a browser. You can also select files to make available for offline use for when you don’t have an internet connection.

When you install Drive File Stream on your computer, it creates a drive in Windows Explorer named Google Drive File Stream. All of your My Drive and Team Drive files will appear there. You can transfer files between your computer and Drive or browse and organize your Drive files right in Windows Explorer.

The File Stream app also allows you to open files directly within applications like Microsoft Word. When you click File > Open, just browse to the Google File Stream Drive to locate your file.

If you used the old Google Drive Desktop App, you may have received a notification that it would no longer work after May 12, 2018. Google File Stream is a recommended replacement for the Google Drive Desktop App. Another option …

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6 Breakout Sessions, a Resource Fair Booth and Mobile App... you can't miss us!

Breakout Sessions

Monday afternoon
1:45-2:45 p.m.

Easy peasy registration for your program 

Speakers: Erik Bremer, Extension e-Commerce & Registration; Patrice Johnson, Extension registration coordinator
Location: Mallard Point
Destiny One Registration System (DORS) is the U's new Non-Credit Registration System that is integrated with Moodle & EFS. See "The Registrator" live and learn if you have what it takes to make it easy for your customers to register and pay for your classes, workshops, Moodle courses, seminars, webinars and more. In this session, you will learn how this new system can make your customer's life and your job easier; identify what you need to get your event registration started, and see the potential of "The Registrator" in the world of integrated customer-focused software.
Make awesome, share-worthy videos
Speakers: Karen Matthes, director, IT Training and Support; Alison Holland, academic technologist
Location: Owl Overlook
Whether you want to flip your workshop or class, or capture standalone video, we’ll share tips, tricks and tools for better mini-lectures, demonstrations, video tours, interviews and welcome messages that will help your research and teaching content reach a larger audience. You’ll learn about research-based best practices in “chunking,” tone, and accessibility, as well as how to more actively engage viewers. We’ll also introduce you to some great tools such as Camtasia Relay, Screencast-O-Matic, and Adobe Presenter, and help you decide which best fit your goals.

Tuesday morning
10:00-11:30 a.m.

How to host awesome WebEx webinars

Speakers: Karen Matthes, Director, IT Training and Support; Amy Baker, Chief Technology Officer
Location: Mallard Point

When hosting a webinar, you only have a few minutes before participants tune you out. Where do they go? All sorts of places: email, water cooler, phone or anyplace but your webinar. Have you ever wondered if web conference training was really worth your time and effort?
Training with webinars is just as effective as traditional classroom training—when it's engaging. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to engage your participants every few minutes, keeping them from countless distractions. Specific topics include: Examine the WebEx classroom, Recognize common webinar mistakes, Learn how to adapt face-to-face activities for webinars, Discuss tips to encourage collaboration during a webinar, Explore and share techniques that engage learners and add variety to a webinar.

Tuesday afternoon
1:30-2:30 p.m.

Noodling Moodle: Motivating and engaging Extension’s online learners

Speakers: Alison Holland, Extension academic technologist; Amy Baker, chief technology officer
Location: Cardinal Perch
We'll explore tips & tools for motivating and engaging Extension's online learners! You will leave having seen doable, modern teaching ideas in action in Moodle. You will know exactly where to begin with designing your online course, and leave with a checklist for continuing or improving your course design. We’ll also invite you to participate in Extension’s “Noodling Moodle” online course and, if you want, to take part in a facilitated peer review if you already have a Moodle course.
Our learning objectives:
o   Where to start when designing an online course
o   How to provide opportunities for hands-on, active, and interactive learning
o   See exciting methods of content sharing
o   See awesome ideas for interaction designed to motivate learners and increase learning
o   Receive a user-friendly checklist for great course design

2:45-3:15 p.m.

Organize your Google drive 

Speaker: Karen Matthes, Director, IT Training and Support
Location: Cardinal Perch
Is your Google Drive a mess? Not sure how to use Google Drive with your team? Wondering what you can store in Google Drive? This workshop will help you organize your Google Drive and learn how Google Drive is a great way to collaborate and share documents. Topics covered: Upload and share files and/or folders for collaboration, Organize your documents and documents shared with you, Learn how to edit documents with others.

3:30-4:00 p.m.

Creating and maintaining customer relationships with CRM software

Speaker: Neil Anderson, Extension Technology, Program Director e-Commerce, Registration, CRM
Location: Owl Overlook
Extension Program Teams needed more functionality than just the "vanilla" Saleforce constituent relationship management tool. Now the U's Salesforce has been upgraded from "Core" to "Enterprise." It has enhanced flavor, functionality and a mass email tool. We'll start with a quick overview of future integrated software that is seamless to the customer and reduces multiple entry of data for the program team. Then we'll demo Salesforce so you'll be able to explain what functionality you need to improve your team's ROI, and we'll have time for questions.

U of M Resource Fair

Tuesday, 4:15-5:00 p.m.

What's new in Extension Technology? Come talk tech with members of your technology team, visit the tech device petting zoo, have your photo made in our hi-tech photo booth, and learn all about how we can help you be innovative and efficient at work!  We hope you'll stop by to say "hello."

Guidebook App

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