Academic Technology Toolkit

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Graphic: Ext Technology Toolkit

It is easy to get overwhelmed with tech tools

It seems like every day there is a new tool someone is talking about! But who has the time to investigate the usefulness and appropriateness of these tools? Not most of us!

But luckily, some of us do! And we have prepared a clean, concise list of Academic Technology Tools Suggested by University of Minnesota Extension Technology for Extension education (open google doc).

We've included our handy "Learn it" links next to each tool, so you can learn it on your own, either through or a similar resource. Or you can always contact Extension Technology to give you a hand trying something out!

As always, we welcome your feedback. This list is just a start.

What cool tools are you using that we should consider adding?

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  1. The Children, Youth & Family Consortium has used Moovly to design engaging content:

    Health and Nutrition tends to use Sparkol Videoscribe: