What does every Extension person need to know about technology?

I love technology. And I love checklists. More specifically, I love CHECKING THINGS OFF checklists.

Have you ever wished there was a checklist, "Things you should know how to do with technology?" You could use it to see what you need to work on. It could be both useful for affirmation (DONE-CHECK!) and motivation (LEARN IT!). Would this not be the greatest check list ever?!

We here in Extension Technology worked with our advisory committee to come up with a checklist like this! Exciting! This version is still under construction--we welcome feedback on it.

Best checklist ever: Core Technology Skills for University of Minnesota Extension Personnel

This list of core technology skills includes measurable skills and knowledge. Whenever possible, we tried to include a link to "Learn it!" next to a skill. Because if you don't know it, that's ok! You are probably just a tiny bit of training away from nailing it.

The goal of this list is to provide directions for new areas of learning and growth, assist personnel and supervisors to identify any knowledge gaps, and identify areas where training is necessary. The Extension Tech team will also use this list to guide the organizational tech training plan and offerings. I told you this checklist was magical.

In the long term, we plan to review and revise this list every October to keep it fresh and relevant. So be sure to give us feedback!

Start Checking Stuff Off!

If you can check off every thing in your position's section of the Core Technology Skills checklist, Extension Technology will issue you the following super cool digital badge, Tech Skills:

(I was going to do Tech Skillz with a 'z' but then I thought better of it.)

Don't think you need to check everything off right away! The point of the list is to help find areas to focus your learning on. I know I certainly have some areas to work on!

What are you going to work on checking off?