Field Report: Marshall Regional Office

As part of our initiative to connect technology more closely will the field work of Extension throughout Minnesota, representatives from our team are visiting Extension offices and events throughout the state. Please join us on our adventures!

In February, we visited the Marshall Regional Office! A long-awaited visit!!

Destination: Marshall Regional Office

Miles Traveled: 364 mi, round-trip

Time on road: 6 hours 55 minutes, round-trip (SNOW.)
Tech Team Members: Amy Baker, Danny Sussman, and IT Goldy
Vehicle: Dodge Caravan Minivan, a.k.a. The "SussBus" from Fleet Services
Number of bags of novelty potato chips we ate in the car: 2. Bacon mac and cheese, Mango Salsa.

OK first of all, that right there, that route on the map above, that is a terrible route. Do not take that route. I think it had gravel roads. And zero Caribou Coffees. ZERO. (Thank you Pat Persoon for showing us the correct route to go home!)

We got there just in time for Crockpotapalooza, which yes, is totally as amazing as you're thinking it sounds. A pot luck in our honor? Best office ever!

We settle into the conference room for our huge gut busting lunch.

We notice the conference room computer is repairing and restarting and making incessant beeping noises. Is this normal? we ask. No! they say, This is not normal at all! We investigate. Danny moves the Tostitos so we can see the situation better. Hey! Problem solved! The Tostitos were pressing a key on the keyboard.

Is this normal? we ask. No! they say, This is not normal at all!

I give my intro on Extension Technology's mission, and we deliver a training/demo on WebEx.

Then we get an office tour from our lovely tour guide, Karla Engels! One of my favorite parts of that was seeing the super sweet setup in Neil Linscheid's office--he has a great quality mic on a floor stand (for webinars) and he looks like a total rock star when he uses it.

Thank you Marshall, for such a wonderful day eating and laughing and seeing your very nice offices filled with amazing, friendly people!!


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