Field Report: Worthington Regional Office

As part of our initiative to connect technology more closely will the field work of Extension throughout Minnesota, representatives from our team are visiting Extension offices and events throughout the state. Please join us on our adventures!

In April, I (Amy) visited the Worthington Regional Office!

Destination: Worthington Regional Office
Miles Traveled: 395 mi, round-trip
Time on road: 6 hours 50 minutes, round-trip (I got lost at a detour! Twice!)
Tech Team Members: Amy and IT Goldy
Vehicle: Ford Fusion from Fleet Services, equipped with extra uncomfortable seats
Number of hours on road spent talking to a stuffed animal: 6 hours 50 minutes

On the drive down, the sky was glorious. See?

Those are just two of the 4000 pictures I took. Amazing.
Also: long drive. Loooooong. Driiiive. It's a lot of miles to entertain yourself. Hats off to you Worthingtonians who make that drive regularly. Respect.

Teammate Neil Anderson was planning to come with me, until the last minute when one of his more important U-wide committees changed their meeting to that day. As I have long suspected, the University cannot survive one day without him. Not one measly day!

Anyway, back to my visit!

The Worthington office is chock full of super fun and interesting people, and they all had lots of great questions about tech tools. After a really delicious pizza lunch, we dove into my brief spiel overviewing our team's services and strategy, then did a training on the office's selected topic, Google Drive, then wrapped it up with a listening session/Q&A. With just me and IT Goldy presenting, I got entirely sick of hearing myself talk. After over 2 hours, Amnesty International began to contact participants to see if they needed evacuation assistance. Release the hostages, it's time for a tour!!

Right, IT Goldy? Right! You wait here under this super sweet vinyl sign.
(see I told you I was talking to the gopher)

And now for the part you've all been waiting for, a video report from the field!

Thank you Worthington, for letting me crash your party for half a day! A fantastic time at a fantastic office!