Field Report: Willmar Regional Office

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Billie and I visited the Willmar Regional Office back in March, and here's our report from the field!

Destination: Willmar Regional Office
 Miles Traveled: 200 mi, round-trip
 Time on road: 4 hours, round-trip
 Tech Team Members: Amy and Billie
Vehicle: Toyota Prius from Fleet Services
Number of times GPS led us astray: at least 3

This was my first trip to Willmar, a facility I had heard so much about! And then when we got there, so many friendly and familiar faces. It just felt like home!
 We did a tech training based on some topics they had identified, including looking at some ed inspiration and video use, plus a technology Q/A, and an informal listening session on what the tech team could do better. This was a fun and engaged group, I'm telling you, Willmar knows what's what!
Things you may not know about Willmar Regional Office: they used to be a full-out asylum I KID YOU NOT, they have a killer patio for picnics/grilling/tanning (weather permitting or approx 2 weeks per year), their offices are ah-mazing and large and sunny etc etc , and they have top secret turkey research on the third floor. (I got to go up there but was not allowed to see any actual turkey research).
 Watch the 6-minute video above to catch up on all our antics and adventures as we report from the field!


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