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Google Hangouts! How much do we love Hangouts? So. Much. Hangouts are Google's video call technology and because it's all integrated with gmail, they are a cinch to use. If you don't already agree, this article is for you!

When you are looking for a super easy way to have a video call, this is your answer. A Hangout can host 15 people on one call. It is useful for all kinds of things... team meetings, one-on-ones, project check-ins, presenting, training, trip planning, seeing the grandkids, seeing the granddogs, it slices, it dices, er, sorry. Got carried away!
Also there is a new(ish) feature of Hangouts called, "Hangouts On Air." With this type of Hangout, you can have unlimited people watch (not participate via video but they can chat) AND they get automatically put on YouTube after you're done. Neat, right?

I have made a handy video that shows basic hangout stuff, troubleshooting tips, the mobile app, and Google Hangouts on Air! Sorry it is 10 minutes but I promise to make you laugh.


Here's me and Alison Link recording a Hangout On Air for demonstration purposes. I think I did everything right on this one. Let's see...natural light, check.... rule of thirds, check... interesting background, check... eloquent content coming out of my mouth, d'OH! Did I actually tell people to use an overhead projector?! GAH!

If you haven't tried a Hangout or a Hangout on Air, I hope this module inspires you to add one to your week. If you want a safe place to try one out, just ask any member of Extension Technology to hangout with you or better yet, leave a comment to connect with another Quick Byter!

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  1. This Quick Byte was great. I however cannot find where in hangout air that one can choose to incorporate the bottom third of the screen titles as you have in the second video. I would love to know how to do that . . . any suggestions????