Field Report: Minnesota State Fair

Scotch eggs

As part of a new initiative to connect technology more closely will the field work of Extension throughout Minnesota, representatives from our team are visiting Extension offices and events throughout the state. Please join us on our adventure!

Our latest adventure was the Minnesota State Fair, a haven of Extension programming!

Rah rah rah for ski-u-mah goooooo gophers!

Did you see CFANS gopher hats? AWESOME!

Destination: Minnesota State Fair

Miles Traveled: IT'S RIGHT HERE 

Trips made by Tech Team Members: 55+

Bags of mini donuts eaten by the team: 55+

Extension Technology was proud to support our Extension programming at the State Fair with hands-on assistance, as well as supplying over 100 pieces of equipment, ranging from laptops to netbooks to printers. We are quick to lend a helping hand to ANY team but especially if they are located in the midst of corndogs and butterheads. Or, as I like to think of it, HEAVEN.

From Master Gardeners accessing Extension info on Google Chromebooks to 4-H Livestreaming their 3 most popular events, technology opportunities abound at the State Fair. We had a blast seeing it, talking about it, and being a part of some of it! Here's a little video from the field so you can be a part of it too!