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Our first 'meet the team' post was a big hit, or maybe it was just Ernie's Instagram account :)

Read on to learn more about the team members in Extension Technology. Introducing .... Patrice, Terri, and Libby!

Patrice Johnson, business analyst / registration What do you like best about Extension and/or Ext Tech? The people I work with! And the programs!
What’s a favorite project you’ve worked on?  Getting registration up and running back in the day. It was a brand new project and we started from scratch. I like feeling that I contributed to an important and successful service.
If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat?  Pizza or tacos (as long as I could vary the ingredients on/in them). Or popovers filled with creme fraiche, cured salmon, and caviar.

What do you like to do outside work? Write, cook, and teach (I cook and teach to support my writing habit.). I also have a wicked TV viewing habit and book collection.
What’s something most…

New Audio and Web Conferencing Service Available

InterCall is a new audio and web conferencing service for the University of Minnesota. This service replaces Gopher Conferencing which will no longer be available after February 28, 2013. Gopher Conferencing is widely used on campus by Extension employees.


The InterCall audio and web conferencing options include:

Reservationless-Plus (Audio Conferencing)

Reservationless-Plus gives you the power to host audio conference calls whenever you want. Just pick up any phone, dial the dedicated phone number, and initiate a call using your conference ID and Leader PIN (provided via email after you request an account). The cost for Reservationless-Plus is .02/min multiplied by the number of participants, multiplied by the length of conference call. For instance, a meeting with 10 participants that lasts 60 minutes will cost $12 (.02 x 10 x 60 = $12). 

Operator Assisted (Audio Conferencing)

The Operator Assisted service provides expert operators to manage all the details so you can concentrate on delivering your message. The cost for Operator Assisted calls is .17/min multiplied by the number of participants, multiplied by the length of conference call. For instance, a meeting with 10 participants that lasts 60 minutes will cost $102 (.17 x 10 x 60 = $102).

InterCall Unified Meeting (Web Conferencing)

InterCall Unified Meeting enables you to:

  • present PowerPoint slides;

  • share applications, documents, spreadsheets;

  • quiz and survey participants; and

  • show websites to others that are not able to attend a meeting in person.

  • The cost for Unified Meeting (Web) conferencing is .02/min, multiplied by the number of participants, multiplied by the length of conference call. For instance, a meeting with 10 participants that lasts 60 minutes will cost $12 (.02 x 10 x 60 = $12).

    Note: While this service does not replace UMConnect, it does provide another web conferencing service for us to use. UMConnect is free unless you are using an audio provider with your web meeting (e.g. Premiere Global, SimpleTollFree). InterCall is not free.


    Request an Account

    To request an account, go to InterCall's University of Minnesota website and click Sign Up Now. Note that a credit card number is required. You will need to enter the University's InterCall username UnivMinnUser1 and password UnivMinnUser_1. Once the request has been submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours from InterCall with your account information and then you will be ready to make conference calls. Full sign-up instructions are available.


    If you plan on using the Unified Meeting Web Conferencing service, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for one of the free instructor-led or self-paced classes available. Sign up for training on the InterCall website.

    Conferencing Support

    InterCall provides support for this service. If you have questions about the service in general, feel free to call the University of Minnesota technology help service desk at (612) 301-4357 (or 1-HELP on campus). 

    For technical and billing questions, please contact InterCall directly.

    For contact information and to learn more about the service, tools, or available training, etc., visit InterCall's University of Minnesota website.


    1. Take a look at what tool(s)  you are currently using for audio conferencing and see how InterCall's pricing and features compare. 
    2. Watch an online demo of InterCall's Unified Meeting. If you currently use Premiere Global with UMConnect, you might want to give this a try.
    3. Please leave a comment on the blog or a social media channel letting us know how you liked this QuickByte!


    1. This service looks interesting. We've had lots of problems with lately so this could be an alternative. There are two things that were missing from the information that I'd like to know. Are people calling in to a toll free number or will each participant pay a long distance charge along with the hosts 2 cents/caller/minute? On the unified meeting is there an additional 2 cents or are we using VOIP, similar to UMConnect? In the video it had people wearing headphones so I thought the total charge might just be the 2 cents.

    2. I would echo Bruce's comments. I ran into an issue with FreeConferenceCall the last time I used it. The last time I used UMComment it had some limitations as well. This might be a nice alternative to try. My question too is if there will be a toll free number participants can call into or if everyone will pay their long distance charges plus the host pays the 2 cents/min/participant? Would be nice if that info was included/clarified.

    3. Even I had problems with free conference calling services, their voice quality is not up to mark i feel distortion while conferencing. That's why I m preferring to go to paid services which will provide good audio qualities as well as in budget.


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