Access your Drive files with Google File Stream

With Google Drive File Stream, you can access all all of your Google My Drive and Team Drive files directly from your computer without having to open a browser. You can also select files to make available for offline use for when you don’t have an internet connection.

When you install Drive File Stream on your computer, it creates a drive in Windows Explorer named Google Drive File Stream. All of your My Drive and Team Drive files will appear there. You can transfer files between your computer and Drive or browse and organize your Drive files right in Windows Explorer.

The File Stream app also allows you to open files directly within applications like Microsoft Word. When you click File > Open, just browse to the Google File Stream Drive to locate your file.

If you used the old Google Drive Desktop App, you may have received a notification that it would no longer work after May 12, 2018. Google File Stream is a recommended replacement for the Google Drive Desktop App. Another option …

Try Social Bookmarking


"Social Bookmarking" is a way to share things you find on the internet with others. You are not actually sharing the thing itself, but a link to it.


I'm sure we can all think of instances when it is useful to share some links to web pages across computers. Here are some examples of situations where storing your bookmarks online might be useful:
  • Planning a trip or event
  • Basic literature review
  • Share current articles with colleagues
  • Resources for your class participants
  • Often switching between computers


I thought I'd start with Delicious, since it is the oldest and most well-known social bookmarking site. In fact, Delicious kind of pioneered the whole thing. If you have used it in the past, you will now notice that it sucks.


Move over Delicious, Pinterest is the new sheriff in town. Pinterest is hot hot hot!

Do you remember when you were a teenage girl and you put stuff up on a bulletin board in your bedroom--pictures of cute shoes and Leonardo DiCaprio and funny quotes? You don't?

Well anyhoo. Pinterest is like that.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that focuses on images. What you're really bookmarking, or 'pinning' on Pinterest is the image file. This is nice because it is so visual (going through someone's bookmarks is like looking through a catalog), and also not nice, because if something has no image with it, you are out of luck.

You can see QuickByte's pinboards here to check it out. Here is a good video tutorial, Pinterest Tutorial (youtube).

Also, here is a cool infographic:


Diigo is another social bookmarking site, one that has a definite educator slant. You can apply for an 'Educator Account' (which makes organizing curriculum and students easier). The site has forums, where bookmarks you make can be shared and commented on by fellow forum members. These forums vary in their usefulness, some are full of spam, but a great example of a useful one is Diigo in Education, which covers a lot more tools than just Diigo.

While Pinterest is hot, I think Diigo is more who you might want to settle down with.

Here is an interesting article that can be extrapolated to a lot of non-classroom learning as well: Using Diigo in the Classroom.

Google Bookmarks

I suppose no list of tools is complete without Google! Google Bookmarks is no frills (no thumbnails, no little summary blurbs, no socializing), but with the advantage of being part of the UMN's Google Apps. It is perhaps the most useful if your main purpose for social bookmarking is sharing with yourself between computers (anti-social bookmarking? hee hee). With none of the features of Pinterest or Diigo, it seems like this little tool is about ready for a makeover.

  1. Click through to Pinterest and Diigo, explore around enough to get a feeling what they are.
  2. Create an account on the one that you think would be most useful.
  3. Leave a blog comment, (tweet, facebook, whatever) telling us a possible use, question, or preference regarding social bookmarking.

Last Week's Winner!

The winner of the paper tweet pad is..... Bruce Schwartau! Thank you all for your comments and tweets, we'll have another give away in a couple weeks!